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About Engineered Profiles, LLC

Engineered Profiles, LLC, (formerly Crane Plastics) has been supplying the custom plastic profile extrusion requirements of original equipment manufacturers in the United States and around the world for over 67 years. EP offers in house part design assistance and tooling design and construction. Project scope ranges from simple component supply all the way up to complete project team participation from ideation to full scale production. We provide custom extruded parts made from commodity and engineering grade thermoplastic materials including PVC, ABS, Polyolefin, Wood Plastic Composites and many more. Our extensive array of fabrication equipment can facilitate both in line and out of line secondary fabrication and sub-assembly. We are a progressive and modern lean manufacturer and are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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By Engineered Profiles, LLC

Our tooling department has an average tenure of 21 years. We combine this invaluable experience with cutting edge CAD/CAM software, simulation software, EDM and CNC equipment. 60+ years of business has taught Crane Plastics that when we combine the right people with new technology, there is no... Read more »

By Engineered Profiles, LLC

A plastic extrusion is only as good as the raw material used to produce it. Crane Plastics has over 60 years of experience in raw material selection for the extrusion process. Unlike most of our competitors we have the ability to produce custom PVC and Wood Composite compounds in our blending... Read more »

By Engineered Profiles, LLC

Crane Plastics has a number of extrusion technologies and techniques that can be brought to bear on a particular problem. By doing so our intent is to lower the 'all in' cost of the components we supply. This might be as a result of improving 'extrudability,' using a lower cost material, or... Read more »

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