Monroe Truck Equipment, Inc.

1051 W 7th Street
Monroe, WI 53566-9102

About Monroe Truck Equipment, Inc.

Monroe Truck Equipment is an industry-leading truck equipment manufacturer, upfitter, and distributor with over 60 years of work truck expertise. With a talented team of industry experts on our side, we offer unparalleled custom engineering, installation, manufacturing, and distribution of performance-driven municipal, commercial, and fleet vehicles.

In 2022, Monroe Truck Equipment joined the Aebi Schmidt Group, a global leader of intelligent solutions for the treatment of mission critical infrastructure areas and demanding terrain. Its ultimate mission is to improve the performance of its customers. Joining Aebi Schmidt Group has allowed us to fuel growth at a global level and continue to support our mission of moving communities forward with the esteem and prestige that Aebi Schmidt is known for.

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Products by Monroe Truck Equipment, Inc.

By Monroe Truck Equipment, Inc.

Municipal Wings Work smarter, not harder with plow wings. Monroe Truck Equipment manufactures and upfits municipal-grade snowplow wings ranging from Patrol to Heavy Duty Benching wings. Our plow wings are designed to extend the width of your plow surface while minimizing snow spin off.... Read more »

By Monroe Truck Equipment, Inc.

Municipal Underbody Scrapers Clear every last trace of snow and ice. Monroe Truck Equipment offers several underbody scraper models: fixed angle, reversible and oscillating. These scrapers effectively remove hard pack snow and ice from the roadway and can also be used to maintain secondary... Read more »

By Monroe Truck Equipment, Inc.

Municipal Spreaders Protect your roadways and pedestrians. Monroe Truck Equipment manufactures and upfits a full line of material spreaders, ranging from under tailgate spreaders to our Super Combo V-box. Our spreaders are designed to tackle a variety of roadways and properties with... Read more »

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