ITW Insulated Products

202 Lukken Industrial Drive E
Lagrange, GA 30241-5920

About ITW Insulated Products

Skinny Bun- The insulated bulkhead considered "The workhorse of the industry". Universal Bulkhead- Eliminate the sizing hassles associated with conventional bulkheads. PolarFlex- The value you are looking for in a low price transverse style bulkhead. MaxAir- More square inches of opening for return air than any other plastic return air bulkhead on the market. Airhead Return Air Bulkhead- First one-piece construction plastic return air bulkhead in the industry. Curtains- Provides an effective barrier to prevent cold air loss - ideal for trailers during pre-cooling, loading & unloading. Center Divide System- The new light weight, most easily handled, and best sealing longitudinal panel system in the industry. Airflow Chutes- Available in standard sizes or custom made from vinyl, coated nylon, polyethelene or mesh. Pallet Covers- Durable, lightweight insulated covers designed to protect palletized temperature sensitive food during transit.

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