Elston Manufacturing, Inc.

706 North Weber Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57103-7006

About Elston Manufacturing, Inc.

Elston Manufacturing has a long history of providing high quality, unique products for its customers at the most economical price possible. The company has been in the business of making cargo heaters, traction sanders and Gopher Getters for more than a half century.

Propane Cargo Heaters

Elston's cargo heaters are used for heating cargo in a range of spaces from straight truck bodies to beverage trucks to 53' trailers. The company's universal heater is also used to heat the cabs of heavy equipment and has become a popular replacement for the Hunter Heater brand. Inside & outside installation options exist, as well as portable heaters. Available in several models producing 18,000 to 30,000 BTU's.

Traction Sanders

Elston traction sanders are a convenient and effective solution for improving traction, especially in icy conditions. Elston's units mount in front of the drive wheels and, at the flip of a switch, drop grit on demand to improve traction. Models are available for trucks and buses. In some states, Elston traction sanders are an approved substitute for chains which saves time chaining and unchaining and the expense of replacing worn chains.

Gopher Getters

Elston Gopher Getters offer a safe, fast, and economical method of controlling pocket gophers. Customers have trusted this product for decades to control difficult multi-acre pocket gopher infestations. Five models target a range of gopher control needs.

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Products by Elston Manufacturing, Inc.

By Elston Manufacturing, Inc.

Elston cargo heaters are available for heating cargo in a range of spaces from straight truck bodies to beverage truck to semi-truck trailers. Elston's cargo heater products include roll-on models, wall-mount, as well as nose-mount heaters, and universal heaters and accessories. All of the... Read more »

By Elston Manufacturing, Inc.

Elston Traction Sanders are a convenient and effective way to improve your traction and safety, especially in icy conditions. Benefits include: Improved Control - Increased traction allows you to stop and start faster and better climb steep grades; Effective - Our sanders drop grit that quickly... Read more »

By Elston Manufacturing, Inc.

The HC Compact Universal Propane Cargo and/or Cab Heater from Elston Manufacturing is a compact, safe heater (1 cu. ft.) designed for places where a tough durable heater is needed such as the cabs of heavy equipment. They are also frequently used to replace models of propane heaters no longer... Read more »