Havco Wood Products LLC

P.O. Box 1342
Cape Girardeau, MO 63702-1342

About Havco Wood Products LLC

For more than a quarter of a century, we have made a solid commitment to our customers (and to their customers) to produce only the finest laminated oak flooring for dry van trailers, truckbodies and containers. It's a simple goal that is hard to achieve, but we believe and our customers tell us that we have accomplished this objective 100%. When it comes to laminated flooring, we have grown to become the most respected producer and the industry's innovation leader.

Competitors of Havco Wood Products LLC

Greenwood Products Inc

Supplies engineered structural wood panels including db-Ply noise reducing plywood for floors and bulkheads. Environmentally friendly preservative-treated plywood and supporting sound damping panels and materials. Full technical support in structural panels including repair depots and OEMs. XL... Read More

Products by Havco Wood Products LLC

By Havco Wood Products LLC

Havco Wood Products is the leading North American supplier of 100% oak laminated floors for dry freight van applications. High quality, superior customer service and a 10 year limited warranty. Contact John Carr at 615-585-2331 for more details. Read more »

By Havco Wood Products LLC

Fusion Floor by HAVCO is the 3rd generation of composite reinforced oak laminated floor for premium dry freight van (DFV)and domestic container applications that require lighter weight, increased durability, superior strength and a permanent moisture barrier from under the trailer. HAVCO is a... Read more »

By Havco Wood Products LLC

Floor Shield by HAVCO was developed to address the needs of the dry freight van (DFV) trailer market for a water resistant top-coat hardwood floor treatment that is easy to apply, has no solvents, no objectionable odor, and that dries quickly without days of waiting for the solvent smell to... Read more »