Products by Structural Machinery Solutions, Inc.

  • Kaltenbach KKS 400/450 Universal Semi-Automatic Cold Saws

    Miter cutting, circular cold saw machines with 180° miter range and hard stops at 45° – 90° – 45°. The Kaltenbach up-stroking blade principle provides several key advantages: -The blade immediately enters the cut for reduced cycle time -Coolant is supplied to the blade below the table for less... Read More
  • Kaltenbach KKS 400 NA Automatic Circular Cold Saws

    High-performance automatic circular cold sawing machine for ferrous (and non-ferrous) metals, sections and solids. Widely used in manufacturing wherever fast, clean, accurate cuts are needed, particularly where surface finish is important. Miter cuts are possible in semi-auto mode. Ease of setup... Read More
  • Kaltenbach SKL 450 E & H Semiautomatic Circular Cold Saws for Aluminum

    A wide miter cutting range of ± 90º affords these circular cold saws a high degree of flexibility allowing them to be used efficiently in a wide variety of non-ferrous applications. Robust build quality enables these machines to cut heavy-wall profiles and solids. Standard features... Read More

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