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About Peerless & Scona

Innovation and quality combine in Peerless Trailers. Whatever your needs, we have the experience and capabilities to manufacture and deliver heavy-duty trailers that help you get the job done.

Peerless and Scona trailers are used around the world in oil and gas, mining, forestry, logging, wind energy and construction. Our engineers work with your designers to create the chassis that meets your needs. And because we know that time is money in your industry, we work quickly, designing and manufacturing custom trailers in as little as four weeks.

Scona – A wide variety of top-quality, long-lasting heavy-duty Oilfield trailers, including specialized oilfield lowbed trailers, oilfield floats, extendables and scissornecks.

Peerless – Our highly customized Drilling and Well Servicing chassis, forestry, and heavy-haul trailers use high-strength steels, making them ideal for heavy axle loading and rugged on/off-road operating conditions.

Products by Peerless & Scona

By Peerless & Scona

Wind Energy Trailers

Peerless wind energy trailers are designed to meet the needs of this growing energy sector. You told us what you needed. We listened. Our wind energy trailers are specially designed to transport wind turbine components, helping you manage the challenges of transport efficiently, safely, and... Read more »

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By Peerless & Scona

Heavy Haul Trailers

Heavy-haul trailers designed for the work you do and the places where you do it. Peerless heavy-haul trailers, from Scona and Peerless, are designed to carry the maximum load and give you the ultimate return on your investment. They’re custom-built to your requirements so that they do exactly... Read more »

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By Peerless & Scona

Multi-Axle Trailers

Carry the maximum load and get the best return on your investment with Peerless multi-axle heavy-haul trailers. Manufactured with high-strength steels, our multi-axle heavy-haul trailers are innovatively designed to keep weights down and ensure maximum durability. Fully customizable, these... Read more »

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