VSR Technologies

33875 Capitol
Livonia, MI 48150-1566

About VSR Technologies

We are an engineering and systems integration company specializing in state of the art, "turn key" assembly and test systems. A focus on customer service and creating high quality test equipment gives us a competitive edge in today's dynamic market.

Performance Testing - Performance test stands are used during component development. This equipment is designed to simulate the vehicle installation. The test stands are heavily instrumented to measure forces, temperature, noise, speed, pressure and vibration.
Durability Testing (Life Cycling) - Durability test stands are used to cycle the product under typical operating conditions to simulate long-term use of the part. These machines may also cycle the part until failure.
Environmental conditioning - These test stands provide extreme environmental conditions to the part being tested such as dust, salt spray or elevated temperature.
Fatigue Testing - Fatigue test stands are used to overload the component until failure.

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