J-Tec Associates Inc

5005 Blairs Forest Lane NE Ste L
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

About J-Tec Associates Inc

J-TEC Associates produces flow meters for internal combustion engine air-intake, exhaust and crankcase blow-by flow measurement.

J-TEC’s Blow-By Meter provides an indication of piston-ring leakage under actual operating conditions by measuring the flow out of the crankcase vent or sump vent. Analog or frequency output connects to a dynamometer input channel to record the blow-by flow rate alongside rpm, hp, temperature, etc.

The patented J-TEC design provides high accuracy and repeatability over an extended flow range. Because the meters have no moving parts, they are rugged, trouble-free and will not wear out.

Located in the heartland community of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, J-TEC has been providing vortex flow meters and sensors for automotive, military, industrial and mining applications since 1968.