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Mazeppa, MN 55956

About Walmec North America

Walmec North America is an experienced leader in providing compressed air filters. All of our compressed air filters are designed and produced in our facilities here in the U.S.A.

We offer point of use compressed air filters, to remove liquid, oil, moisture, and contaminates down to a standard of 5 micron. We also offer a compressed air .01 micron filter that will remove oil and vapors from your compressed air line, down to .01 micron. Plus we offer compressed air membrane dryers from a 15 CFM to an 80 CFM size and other sizes in-between. In addition to compressed air filters and membrane dryers, we also offer Pneuguard In-line Filters and Dryers to clean compressed air at the point of use.

Walmec North America compressed air filters can be custom designed to adapt to a unique compressed air situation. Contact us today and we will work to solve and provide for your need for compressed air filtration.

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Products by Walmec North America

By Walmec North America

Walmec North America patented compressed air filter / dryer will clean and dry existing compressed air. Its unique media-based filtration design will provide the same high quality filtered air regardless of flow. Specifically the air filter / dryer will clean and dry the existing compressed... Read more »

By Walmec North America

Walmec North America offers its unique four stage .01 micron filter. This design progressively cleans and dries the existing compressed air down to an ultra clean and ultra dry level. Additionally this four stage design will remove oil or other vapors from the compressed air source. The... Read more »

By Walmec North America

The Walmec North America membrane dryers will provide ultra clean, ultra dry, compressed air plus low dew point and low relative humidity compressed air. With proper air flow and proper four stage pre-filtration the membrane dryers will provide years of quality service. The Walmec North America... Read more »

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